Since the establishment of Kogyo Steel Co., Ltd. as a corporate body in 1984, Our mission has been to contribute the society by producing products that match the customer needs. In order for us to achieve this mission, we have actively made effort to develop new technologies and techniques, and high-productivity manufacturing methods by utilizing the superb characteristics of stainless steel.

We hope to correspond to the market needs sensitively, aim to become a company of customer satisfaction, and contribute to the society without being self-satisfied in the current circumstances.

We deliver products that assist in industries likes Oil & Gas, Refinery & Petrochemical, Dairy, Chemical & Fertilizer, Thermal, Solar & Nuclear Power, LNG, Desalination, Defence, Aerospace, Chillers & Cooling system, Pulp & Paper Industry etc. We are able to develop a broad range of products while taking advantage of new technologies, armed with over 25 years of manufacturing know-how.

We are the complete solution provider for all types of Seamless & Welded Pipes and Tubes in Stainless Steel, Duplex Steel, Titanium and Nickel Alloy. With an experience of more than three decades, we have gained expertise and understanding of this industry and have set benchmarks for others to follow in this field.